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Finding The Positive and Negative Vibrations of A Relationship.

The “Keys to a Relationship” communicates what are the positive and negative experiences in being with a person in a relationship.

To find the “Keys to a Relationship” vibration, first add your birth date together finding the Life Path vibration. Add the month + day + year = Life Path Vibration.

The Life Path vibration is your sacred contract – ID with your soul’s evolution. It communicates your natural abilities, talents that you’ve been born with and the lessons and challenges you need to overcome in walking your life’s path.

Add the Life Path vibrations of yourself and your relationship to find the “Positive Relationship” or P.R. vibration.

Subtract the Life Path vibrations from yourself and your relationship to find the “Negative Relationship’ or N.R. vibration.


Positive: This relationship experiences new, different and daring things to feel free. This is a great turn on. Both of you help each other to be secure, confident, and be leaders to do your life’s work. When you’re together it’s never a dull moment. As a couple you create competition and challenge each other so you can be better at everything. You like to take risks in investments and making money. You are very powerful, independent thinkers and doers and this is your beauty and truth.

Negative: In this relationship a person or both parties can become very dependent on the other. The ego and stubbornness can get in the way. The relationship can become abusive, aggressive, individualistic, and dominating. Both of you can get burned out and bored from over or understimulated by life. Too many irons in the fire will create obstacles and confusion.


Positive: This relationship is here to share the bad and the ugly experiences of life and find peaceful solutions. You’re together to enhance your abilities of being mediators, arbitrators and empowering each other making this work in your everyday lives. You love to collect things. Both of you are here to nurture the feminine, mothering, sensitive and psychic parts of your self.

Negative: This relationship can be nitpicking finding fault in everything that is done. There is a feeling of being insecure, over-emotional, subservient and timid. You can become sneaky and lie and not know how to express your truths. You can find yourselves not having control of your lives. You have mother and woman issues that need to be worked out immediately.


Positive: This relationship loves to communicate and be playful with each other. You love children and laugh a lot. You find yourselves as bright lights of information and happiness in social circles. You stimulate each other’s artistic abilities of writing, singing and speaking. Expansion of mind, body and spirit make both of you happy.

Negative: In this relationship criticism can start and this will suffocate all expression and creativity. Jealousy can ensue and this will destroy your relationship. You can become impulsive, moody, and too self-centered. Scattering your energies and not finding time to relax will create weakness and eventually exhaustion in your lives.


Positive: This relationship creates a foundation to build a family, home and more stability in your lives. There is stimulation of each other’s work and managerial skills. As a couple you’re very physical and sexual. It’s important to expand your minds. Together you meet very influential people reminding you of your power. You’re a model for others creating symmetry of discipline, organization, spiritual strength and freedom.

Negative: This relationship can become too serious. Set opinions and inflexibility will create anxiety and stress. Having no time for yourselves to play and being workaholics will separate you. You must deal with father and male issues.


Positive: This relationship loves to travel, exercise and live life as an adventure. Both stimulate progressive thinking and share new ideas and their magnetism in social circles. You’re very sensual and sexual as you find all kind of ways to turn each other on. You teach freedom and how to flow with all the changes going on.

Negative: In this relationship restlessness can happen. Thoughtless actions and not being disciplined will create obstacles. You must know when to stop partying. Self-indulgence can occur. There can be sexual and physical problems because of past emotional traumas. Be careful of fanaticism in how you deal with your philosophies. Be aware of your prejudices and what freedom represents.


Positive: This relationship is to open each other’s hearts to love unconditionally. Together your noble cause is being responsible, nurturing and helpful to others. The value of family and creating a holistic family wherever you go is your truth. Stimulate speaking, artistic and teaching skills in each other. Your love of life embraces all the hearts you touch.

Negative: In this relationship, worrying, meddling in others affairs and how you deal with family problems can happen. Please be careful of becoming irresponsible. Not speaking what is on your mind and hearts will create tension and physical problems can ensue. It’s important to communicate and embrace your family and release all old ugly feelings.


Positive: This relationship explores the unseen spiritual and metaphysical universes. This creates a very strong foundation with spirit. Knowing how to give each other space is very important. Embrace the love of nature, music and silence. Stimulate each other’s artistic talents. Expand and share your hearts and minds in business. Be clear and share your love, light and wisdom.

Negative: In this relationship aloofness, becoming cold-hearted and hiding from each other and people can occur. Having no faith and believing in nothing will cause depression. Be careful of over analyzing. Abuse of drugs, alcohol and gambling must be watched. Not giving each other space will suffocate and disconnect you. Just being with yourselves and not sharing your hearts and wisdom with people will create boredom and a break-up.


Positive: This relationship is to balance all dimensions of your material, money, mental and spiritual experiences of your lives. Inspire and nurture each other stimulating your prosperity, work and social life. Good judgment, honesty and being truthful establish a very beautiful bond. Work with your strong physical and sexual energies and learn to channel and use this energy to build a better world, encouraging and empowering others.

Negative: This relationship can create greed and a very materialistic attitude. Poor judgment can create loss. Not embracing spirit in your everyday lives will create disequilibrium. Ignorance, intolerance and impatience with each other’s behaviors will cause a break-up.


Positive: This relationship creates compassion and both become lovers of the spiritual, physical and heart of humanity. Helping and healing each other to accept and emotionally release the past and move forward takes you to the next level of your truth. Stimulate all forms of communication and creativity in each other. Share your freedom, insight of the human condition. Weave and touch hearts and minds with your powers knowing how to use communication as an elixir of love.

Negative: This relationship can create a feeling of being unfulfilled, frustrated and over- burdened by doing too much. Being exhausted will cause boredom. Not letting go of the past and being a victim can create anger with suppressed emotions. Be careful of not trusting your mate and being over possessive. Not sharing with each other will create walking time bombs in the both of you.


Negative: In this relationship, your souls will choose from all the negative 1-9 energies. Experiences will happen so both of you will grow and expand in your evolution. Good fortune!