August 2010


HAPPY August 2010!

HOW are you? I’ve been in the loving embrace of Trier, Germany in the last month. Trier is a quaint town about 45 minutes from Luxembourg. The famous Mosel River dances through it embracing beautiful grapes producing wine orchards in its hilly topography.

Tourists from all over the world visit The Trier Cathedral. “This church unites all the eras of European art and structural history.” It began as a palace built by St. Helena, Mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th Century. It was resurrected as the first church of Christianity.

IN my research I found that the biggest witch trials of Europe took place in Trier from 1581 to 1593. Many people lost their lives as villages burned to the ground. The Cathedral played a big role in this.

I ‘ve had visions in the church, city square, villages that I visited including dreams of my participation at this time. More is being revealed. What kind of visions, dreams and experiences are you having now?

TO paraphrase what I heard the Dalai Lama say, We live in a time where it is important to acknowledge that you had past lives. Know them, learn how to access these lives to better your life today!

I’m so excited to be in the magic of Europe until mid September. Please let me know of a great place to visit or eat, in: Germany, France, Slovakia, Belgium and Greece. Do you have a friend, center or an organization that I can get in touch with when I’m there?


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I am so happy with the response to the July Share Your Soul’s Journey 2010 Newsletter. To read it and enter my archives go to press Newsletter and voila!

My Birthday August 21 is here. I thank you for your support, feedback, friendsdship and love to my Newsletters and work.

” MY age is none of my business. I am as old as God and as young as the morning.” – Eric Butterworth

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“EVERY letter, number in your Name, Birthdate and in the Universe is a sacred language, has meaning and consciousness.” – Pythagoras

AUGUST says: Know the form, metaphor and secrets of this vibration.

TAKE a few deep breaths. Now close your eyes and relax your eyes. Imagine that you’e sitting at your third eye looking at the word August with the numeral 8 on a golden door in front of you. Always ask permission to enter this magical place.

NOW ask what you need to know about August, imagine the door opens and enter. Welcome to the world of August an 8. Witness what you see and hear. Allow all your senses to be open.

Listen to the whispers, wonders inside the golden door. After a few minutes with your experiences, say thank you. Open your eyes and sit with your self. Reflect on what just happened. Be ready for a glorious magical day.

* * * * *


EMBRACE your awesome power. Live in harmony, equipoise in the 8’s two golden spheres. The bottom; physical, money world with the top of your mental, spiritual, intuitive one.

CLEAN up all the garbage in your life of the last months, especially judgement and fear that can clog up the circulation of the 8.

THE 8 demands self discipline, intention, concentration to manifest, move mountains and achieve beyond your wildest dreams.

HORIZONTALY the 8 a metaphor of the breasts of a woman, asks you to nurture and live by the Laws of Attraction and Prosperity.

* * * * * * * *


BEING complete, feeling fullfilled in your heart’s desires and life purpose.

YOUR relationships are friendly, kind, loving and meaningful for all avenues of growth.

SICKNESS, disease, any injury is not a normal state of being. Your mind, body and spirit embraces perfect health in everyway and everyday.

THAT prosperity circulates within, around and through you in having more money, happiness in work and passion for life.

MONEY flows to you endlessly as you attract it, value its energy in spending it on things that are necessary.

CIRCULATE your 8 by exercising the body. This frees the mind so you recognize your abilities and potential.

THAT you see clearly what your priorities are and exactly what you need.

Acknowledging your oneness with everything, everyone allows you to go in and out of the two circles that create infinite inelligence.

QUIET your mind and expand in infinite knowledge, power and divine love.

NO place, person or thing can hurt or harm you or has power over you in anyway. You are more than just a body. Miracles are ready at your call as you are pure consciousness and an awesome power.

” DIRECT your energy toward a goal or target. If you would learn to listen you would discover an innate inner guidance that steers you toward your own well being.”

– Barbara Marciniak

* * * * *


YOUR ancestors, secret societies, Media’s hypnotism, the weather and all movers and shakers of progressive thought. To all families of government you love and hate. To B.P. and all their friends participating in this disaster and fiasco. Iceland, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, all the Middle East, Korea’s, Ukraine, China, Brazil, mother Earth and your intergalactic family.

* * * * * *


” GOD is my Unfailed infinite supply. Large sums of money and abundance come to me quickly, in peace and in perfect ways. My decision to let Universal Power work for me, frees me from the need to press for what I desire.” – Anonymous

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” BEGIN to ask your soul today, show me how to see the truth in every word and in every person.” – Gillian Macbeth – Louthen

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THANK YOU for reading this Newsletter. Please be free to share this. Let me know what you think and feel about it.

Peace, Blessings, With all my Heart,Tschüss Love Julian xoxo