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Welcome. Take the journey into the worlds of Julian Michael. Make a difference in your life by giving me your name at birth and birth date. I will create your personal ‘Souls Numerological Map”. This map defines how you are constituted. Your talents, opportunities, lessons and challenges in your life will be revealed.

Connections with previous lives will be examined and how to access this vital information for achieving your Heart’s desire now. Yearly, monthly and daily cycles of your life, opening you to discover your secret spiritual codes of your Soul’s contract will be a breakthrough for you.

I will sit down, or exchange by phone with you over 30 years of study, work, intuitive expertise to redefine and explain why you are here and what is happening to you today. We will uncover your hidden strengths and what abilities, skills you possess to be enriched, happy and prosperous. I will help you to transform weaknesses and make these stumbling blocks work for you.

Knowing the secrets of your own personal cycles and how they relate to family, friends, the people you surround yourself in business and especially love will reveal the right direction to follow to fulfill and support your life’s dream.

What 2011, 2012 mean to you is paramount. Your own monthly number cycles will empower you to know how to deal and work with your future now.

Make a difference in your life and others. Know why you chose to be here at this time now. Embrace the sacred language of your Numerology and let it be a guide to own your power. Be wise, loving, creative and prosperous in all aspects of your life now.

Julian offers 45 minute private Numerology sessions for $305, one hour for $395 and one hour and a half for $485. Relationship Numerology sessions are $800 for one hour and a half.  For Hypnotherapy there are 3 sessions, first session of (2 hours) is $260, both next sessions (one hour and a half) are $224 each (second and third session respectively).

Julian is available for private group and party sessions, please contact for further information. Email to set up an appointment.

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