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Welcome. Take the journey into the worlds of Julian Michael. Now make a difference in your life by discovering the many dimensions of your true self.

First things first, be willing and believe that you can transform and will be supported in your new vision of yourself. I suggest that you do at least three sessions of hypnotherapy to achieve and be empowered in your new paradigm.

The first session is where we sit down and get to know each other. Your personal history is shared to learn more about yourself in these first stages of this fascinating therapy.

We continue in the first session to guide and help you to create a beautiful deep relaxation of self- hypnosis. In this state, your eyes are closed and you are totally conscious and in control of your will. We place you in this state so you know what it is to be in self- hypnosis. In the next sessions we will do the work in this peaceful state to achieve success.

In these next sessions we will encounter the roots and cause to the effect of what’s going on with you today. Past and current experiences are viewed as learning experiences. When you bring light to them the truth shall set you free.
For example your mind never stops.

Through Hypnotherapy you can create mental focus, acuity and peace of mind. Or stimulate your self-healing abilities with a health problem like being overweight, wanting to stop smoking or living in fear. Maybe you want more money in your life and your being blocked in living your prosperity. I’m a guide to help you facilitate positive behavior that will transform, reinforce and empower you.

Why Three Sessions?

I have been researching and working as a Hypnotherapist and Past-Life Therapist for over 20 years. I studied with Gerald Kein, the teacher of Dr. Brian Weiss the author of “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

The first session is a personal interview and places you in a beautiful relaxed state. The next sessions we do the work and the empowerment of your new state of mind and body. Three sessions is sufficient to deal with one of your experiences to stimulate a healthy positive lifestyle. After 3 sessions you can work more on yourself if you wish.

Enjoy this incredible technique of Hypnotherapy to access what you need from the sessions to empower you to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

Julian offers three Hypnotherapy sessions, first session of (2 hours) is $260, both next sessions (one hour and a half) are $224 each (second and third session respectively).

Julian is available for private group and party sessions, please contact for further information. Email Solmagik@hotmail.com to set up an appointment.

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