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May 9, 2012 Comments Off on May 2012 Newsletter solmagik

WELCOME to May, a 5 vibration. GET ready! Really prepare yourself.
* SAY out loud at least 5 times a day this Pearl of Empowerment. “ Perfect health; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially is my natural state of being.”
CALL upon the Angels, Guides, Gods & all beings of Love & light to walk, talk and be with you in these “Quickening Times.”
IN May embrace freedom and progressive thinking. New technology, unpredictable events will occur, embracing your transformation to give you a totally different perspective of what really is going on.
* * * * *
BE Conscious In Your Intention to raise Your Frequency In 2012 Of:
INFINITE LOVE = 68- – 14 – 5 Vibration
* * * * *
I’M so grateful to continue to share my magic in the beautiful Aloha of Maui for May and will be back in Los Angeles for the end of May through June.
* * CALL 323-384-1333 OR Email me. I’m available to see you personally for a session of Numerology and or on Skype.
I’D LOVE to speak at your party, club or organization.
* * * * *
I am a Hypnotherapist and do Past Life Regression. My teacher Gerald Kein is the guide and mentor of Dr. Bran Weiss of “ Many Lives Many Masters.” I’m available to do sessions with you as well.
* * * * *
THANK YOU, Livia Zeimet for your photographic genius. These two beautiful photos taken in Maui in April 2012 really capture the experience. Both are picture post cards.
Livia is also an animal advocate. She has an uncanny ability to speak to animals as an extraordinary animal whisperer. She’d love to communicate and take care of your dog or cat. Call her at 310-703-7567. She’ll be in LA at the end of May through July. Email her for more information about her and the beautiful work she does, – Go to her Facebook C Livia Zeimet and see more of her wondrous lovely photos.
* * * * *

RECEIVE a Pearl of wisdom at my “Numerology Pearls of the Day” GROUP on Facebook at Julian Michael everyday. Twitter me at JulianMichael11. Go to
I AM so jazzed to share with you the secrets of May 2012…
* * * * *


“ EVERYTHING In THE Universe is number. That number has a meaning. It has consciousness.”
– Pythagoras

The Illuminating Form of May a 5

5 has an inverted C. It’s open, connected with what you know, do not know, what you feel about the truth of your past of old foundations.

THE inverted C stops as you start to climb vertically.

REFLECT on what is in your inverted C. Process; take what you need to climb. Change your old concepts and ideas so you can move on to higher elevations.

* WHEN you thought you’re free to move up, in comes a 90-degree turn at the top of the 5 and in your life.

I see the 5 as 2 C’s facing your past and the other C the future. The midpoint of the 5 is the present.

LEARN to access the 5 as a time machine of past, present, future, now!

THE Sacred Powerful Tarot Card “The Hierophant” a 5

I LOVE using the Tarot as a tool to go deeper to raise Numerology consciousness.

EMBRACE the 5 Tarot Card of the Hierophant. This card embraces the magician and sorceress that you are.

” THE HIEROPHANT” now sits in a throne aware of how to access and communicate with the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Either. You’ve become a very wise master of how to utilize and share with people the Kundalini, Chi, Shakti and Christos energies of enlightenment.

IN May a 5 Vibration:

YOU ARE WORTHY = 68-14 – 5 Vibration

– CREATE a friendship with your past. Take what you need, process and move forward.
If you don’t it’ll haunt you and can create physical & psychological problems.

-CONNECT with your creative genius. Be humanitarian and $ will flow to you.

– YOU’RE a magnet of infinite possibilities.

– RELATIONSHIPS with Family, friends, co-workers and lovers are so emotional especially if they’re not conscious. Be patient. Count to 10 when you deal with anyone that comes at you. Talk from your heart and truth. Be ready to say. I have to go now and we can continue this later.” Give people space and know that time is healing. Go back with a new plan of action when you’re feeling empowered.

– ONLY communicate and relate with people when you’re confident, full of deliciousness and in your center.

“ Every time your spouse or lover says something stupid,
make your eyes light up as if you just heard something brilliant.”
– Rumi

– IN relationships that have consciousness you’ve read all the books on what to do and not do haven’t you. Now take what you need and let go. There are no rules in these changing times in the 21st Century of May 2012.

– CALL each other on all the stuff. Come together, have patience as both of you are training as empaths to relish, play and enjoy each other’s Soul’s Heart’s Desires. You’re learning to feel, touch, hear, taste and see each other in a new paradigm of empathy in May 2012.

– DO whatever you need to do to get rid of all the inner garbage, Hell & emotional terrorism. Cleanse, purge physically and psychologically. Emotionally release, forgive everyone and everything so you can be in relationships on a Soul to Soul level.

EMBRACE this new paradigm shift in your relationship. You’ll have very deep feelings emerging unpredictably and sometimes feel that you’re going crazy. Hang in there. Use all your spiritual tools and teachings and beyond. Ground and quiet your mind. The secret is love, love and love. Grow with each other. Take small steps to raise your love frequencies to fly.

– THE more synchronicity and serendipity that happens is great! Ask for more, as you deserve it.

“Looking ahead the way is long,
Looking back it is short.
If you don’t go within, you go without.
The beauty of the Way is that there is no Way.”
– Lao Tzu

– CHANGE how you communicate to all animals and plants. Utilize their language of speaking in pictures. Don’t eat them! Embrace their loving whispers of wisdom.

– FREEDOM doesn’t mean that you can go nuts. BE centered, disciplined in your 5 of freedom.

– THE Matrix and the Media push of drama, prejudice, over-indulging anger and threats on all levels of your being are working overtime. Use all your spiritual tools and visualize to neutralize and soar above all kinds of fear.

– CHOOSE the right health modality for you. Consult with a doctor that has consciousness. Yet always get a second and third opinion.

– WEATHER anomalies are occurring everywhere. Have an emergency plan just In case you need to move quickly.

* HAVE all papers, deeds, insurances, passport and everything accessible fast. Make a copy of your passport and carry it around. Have a meeting place for family and friends. Have some spare cash hidden for food, gas as ATM’s are closed down in an emergency. Extra water and gas in your car is so important. Have a destination already set that is safe and secure.

– EXPECTATIONS will kill you. Careful of getting caught up in what should of been or didn’t happen as you saw ‘The Secret’ over a dozen times. As long as you are physically here on Mother Earth continue to create and manifest. You are such an important part in “The Quickening” that is happening at this time.

* BEGIN to ask your Soul today
” Show me how to by-pass the lies and the deceptions that are given to me and humanity as a truth. Show me how to see the truth in any situation in every word and in every person.”
– Gillian Macbeth – Louther

– CHANNEL all this 5 highly sensual, sexual energy into something that serves you and others.

– SAY thank you when you wake up in the morning. Be happy with who you are, what you have, your job and where you live in this moment.

– SURROUND yourself with people of progressive minds and hearts that understand you. They’ll empower you and visa- versa.

* * * * *
“JULIAN MICHAEL is an amazing, extremely gifted, charismatic and very wise soul. By just knowing a person’s name and birth date, he’ll often blow someone’s mind. I had an in – depth session with Julian that proved invaluable for my entire life.”
– Fred Spanjaard Global Media Productions


“ GOD is my UN failed infinite supply. Large sums of money and abundance come to me quickly, in peace and in perfect ways. My decision to let Universal Power work for me, frees me from the need to press for what I desire.”
– Anonymous

* * * *