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What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient science and has it’s own secret language. Pythagoras is the father of Numerology and Mathematics. This great renowned philosopher, teacher, musician and poet was born in 582 B.C. in Samos, Greece. Pythagoras said, “Everything in the Universe has number and that number has a meaning.” He had his own mystery schools that were based on “ Soul Mathematics.”

Soul Mathematics

Your name at birth is made up of the letters of the alphabet from “A” through “Z”. Each letter corresponds to a number vibration. An example is that “ A” equals a “ 1” as the letter “ Z” is the “26th” letter and is reduced as we add “2” plus “6” equals an “8” vibration.

Every letter and number is alive, has meaning, and has a voice. The Pythagorean system of the vibrations of “ 1” through “ 9 “ are utilized as “10” is a higher energy of “1”. All these letter and number vibrations create your “ Soul’s Destiny”.

Soul’s Destiny

I create a customized chart that breaks down your vowels and consonants of your name and then the sum is found to know your “ Souls Destiny’ and motivation in your life.

The vowels communicate your “ Heart’s Desires”, as this is what your heart wants you to have compassion for. The consonants communicate your “Personality”. This frequency shows the mask that you put out to others from your character. Together they create the direction your heading towards and what you’re here to accomplish, known as the “Souls Destiny”.

Your name is a blueprint of your evolution from lifetime to lifetime. It’s so paramount to understand your divine plan known as your Life Path Code.

Life Path Code

The birth date is made up of your; birth month, day and year. These three cycles added make up the fourth and most important one known as your “Life Path Code”. This vibration overlooks and nurtures these other three cycles with its dominant forces. It’s a beacon, a wayshower vibration directing you to create, produce and manifest richness in all aspects of your life.

These four vibrations make up your divine signature and identification password with your Soul’s contract. Your talents, gifts and life opportunities are represented here. The dark side of your stumbling blocks that carry lessons that you have and keys to know how to get rid of them are very prevalent in these four energies.

Pythagoras taught that “Evolution is the law of life; Number is the law of the universe; Unity is the law of God”. To understand what these vibrations are and what they are communicating will make it so much easier for you on your journey in your Divine Plan.

The Divine Plan

Give me your birth name (ie. Name on birth certificate) and birth date which  I  then use create your Numerology Map that reveals your true life’s purpose in your divine plan. The name that you use now other then your name at birth is the vibration you send out to humanity of how you want to be seen.

Numerology defines the yearly, monthly and daily cycles of your life. Knowing your number codes will help you to unlock the map of why you’re here, what is going on and your true mission in life.

Numerology: Explores and Answers

What your number vibrations mean to you
- Your “ Heart’s Desire 
- The numbers that assist you in being creative, productive and prosperous
- To realize, transform your own stumbling blocks, Karmic numbers to a positive energy
- Your family, friends, children’s and lovers compatibility vibrations
- What are the best numbers to a healthy, sexual relationship
- Vibrations that work in being with or finding your “Soul Mate”.

Which career is best for you
- How to enhance your business potential and be wealthy
- The secrets of 2011 and what to focus on 
- The address and city you live in has such an important relationship with you
-What is your future forecast for 2012 and beyond.

It’s time to embrace Numerology as a science. Be empowered. Guided. Directed to be passionate and live your sacred numbers with total awareness.

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