June 2012 Newsletter


WELCOME to June a 6 vibration in 2012 = 5 Univ. Year of great changes.

IN June be the catalyst of a new paradigm to have the tools & experiences to be a lover of love.

2012 = 5 U.D. is asking you to increase your Love Frequency in JUNE. This is very important for your auric field that protects you.

SHARE = 1+8+1+9+5 = 24-6 Destiny Vibration

IMAGINE. Feel all your brothers and sisters hearts as your heart in Oneness.

EXPERIENCE the essence of whom you really are, Love.

LISTEN as Mother Earth, Gaia, your Angels, Guides, the Universe, Star families, God, Goddess and the energy of “All that there is” speaks,

ENGLISH – I Love You
UKRAINIAN – Ya Lublu Tebe
FRENCH – Je T’aime
GERMAN – Ich Liebe Dich
JAPANESE – Ai Shite Imasu
SWEDISH – Jag Alskar Dag
HUNGARIAN – Szerettlek

EMBRACE I LOVE YOU in your language & every language now!

* * *

THE great mind of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein was asked by a reporter, what his secret to his intelligence was. To paraphrase, this is what he said. I love every word that I read and everything I do. Love is the greatest secret for all of us.

“ALL you need is love.”
– The Beatles

* * * * *

I’M so jazzed to be in The City of Angels, LA for June thru July. Let’s share and empower each other.

* * *

Experience, Be Illuminated, Empowered to Know What is Going On With Your Life Shift
In The Countdown To December 21, 2012 & Beyond!

JUNE 12, TUESDAY at 7 P.M. – 10 PM

DR. ELIZABETH & I invite you to an Extraordinary Transformational Evening in Marina Del Rey, LA.

DR. Elizabeth Lambaer, www.drelizabeth.com at 310-383-8764 is a beautiful, brilliant Transformation Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Radio / TV host and Writer. Dr. E will share her secrets to having a healthy body and personal simple exercises to create your Heaven on Earth. You’ll walk away feeling Revitalized, Energized and Rejuvenated in your life.

” OWN your Deliciousness”
– Dr. Elizabeth

Julian Michael will share invaluable information of the sacred science of Numerology that evening.

You’ll DISCOVER The Magic Code of Your Soul’s Purpose. Your Yearly, Monthly & DAILY Cycles – Spiritual Pin # &
KEYS to a Magical Loving Relationship.

EACH Person will receive a complimentary Mini-Numerology Reading & a delicious organic smoothie from Dr. Elizabeth Recipe Book.

$35 Includes Handouts, Nourishment & Empowerment
CALL Julian at 323-384-1333 for the location, where to park & more information
RSVP as the space in this lovely ambience overlooking the Marina Bay is limited.

* * *

CALL 323-384-1333 or Email me for a personal session of my 30 years + expertise of Numerology and or on Skype.

I’VE done very empowering work with thousands of people utilizing my skills as a Past Life Hypnotherapist, Global Spiritual Teacher, Alternative Therapist and Powerful Intuitive for the last 22 years. My teacher Gerald Kein is the mentor and guide to Dr. Brian Weiss of “Many Lives Many Masters.” Let’s support each other and ask me how sessions can transcend you.

THE esteemed Dalai Lama recently said in NYC that it’s time for people to know that they’ve had past lives. “ To know your past life is to help you understand what is going on with you today,” he said.

I’D love to speak at your party, club, center, TV or radio show.

RECEIVE a pearl of wisdom everyday. Join my group on Facebook at Julian Micahel “Numerology Pearls of the Day.

TWITTER me at JulianMichael11. Go to www.julianmichael.net

I AM so honored to share with you the secrets of June 2012…



“ EVERYTHING In THE Universe is number. That number has a meaning. It has consciousness.”
– Pythagoras


LOOK at the form of the 6.

IT’S an open circle with an arm over it being your divine protection.

THE circle has no beginning and no end. Love is everlasting. There is a theory that the Egyptians created a ring to be worn around the finger to symbolize eternal love.

CONNECT with your ring of power known as “The Lord of the Rings,”

AN opening of the 6 is the mouth. Speak, sing, as your voice deserves to be heard.

BE aware of talking too much, criticizing, and gossip, being moody and creating storms with your words.

LISTEN to the whispers in & around you. Hear what isn’t being said.

YOU deserve nutritious organic foods whenever possible to maintain a vibrant, healthy life-style as the 6 with a stomach.

BE aware of GMO’s, Fluorides, Aspartame, Splenda and other chemical additives in foods to restrict your physical, light body.

THE Kahuna’s, ancient teachers and shamans of Hawaii secret to life are to give blessings toward everyone and everything during the day.

BLESS the air you breathe in the morning, your food and drink. Bless your feet that massage Mother Earth.

TO bless creates grace. Grace is your magnet that connects with what you exactly deserve for your growth and Heart’s Desire in the people you meet and experiences you have.

EMBRACE your work and love what you do as you’ll see your finances grow.

LOVE is the most powerful vibration in the Universe. Love is not something you can buy, get at a workshop or can be given to you. Love is what you are. Love is the core of your being. Love is the energy of “All That There Is”.

6 is the heart as the heart beats twice. It gives and receives. You can be a giver yet are you receiving?

BE open to receive love and you’ll be loved. Be patient with Love. Accept it freely and easily. Love heals. Love is prosperity. Know it’ll return to you. Be in Love and see the magic unfold.

LOOK at all the people you know of your past and present. Is there someone that has been responsible for your betterment and you’ve not acknowledged him or her. Give them a gift of flowers, cook them dinner, tickets to a show or buy them something outrageous. They deserve a special Thank You.

ANY problems that are in your personal or business relationships will be staring at you. Be responsible.

STOP, count to 10 if you’re angry. Then speak. You can easily destroy and hurt a relationship as the “word is mightier then a sword.”

THE old foundation as the Matrix is crumbling before your eyes. Say thank you, as it’s been a major part of your life. Take what serves your heart. Emotionally release what doesn’t and be ready to move on.

RESISTANCE, being inflexible and afraid of moving forward will create psychological and physical pressure on you. See a therapist or work with groups of people to rid you of any fears and anxiety.

THE 6 holds the space for all conscious beings including animals.

LOVE all animals as your friends. They’re here to teach you to be open to increase your ESP, intuition and commune with higher frequencies and your intergalactic neighbors. Learn from your animal soul family. Don’t eat them!

“BEGIN to ask your soul today: Show me how to by-pass the lies and the deceptions that are given to me and humanity as a truth. Show me how to see the truth in every situation in every word and in every person.”

-Gillian Macbeth-Louther


* * *


“GOD is my un failed infinite supply. Large sums of money and abundance come to me quickly, in peace and in perfect ways. My decision to let Universal Power work for me, frees me from the need to press for what I desire.” – Anonymous

* * *

 THANK YOU, Livia Zeimet for your photographic genius. These two beautiful photos taken in Maui in May 2012 really capture the beautiful aloha experience.

Livia is also an animal advocate. She has an uncanny ability to speak to animals as an extraordinary animal whisperer. She’d love to communicate and take care of your dog or cat. Call her at 310-703-7567. She’ll be in LA from June through July.

Email her for more information about her and the beautiful work she does, clivvv@yahoo.de – Go to her Facebook C Livia Zeimet and see more of her wondrous lovely photos.

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