May 2015 Newsletter

May 9, 2015 Comments Off

Biff Henderson, comedian, friend and stage manager since the 1980's for the retiring iconic David Letterman with maestro Paul Shaffer over us, after talking Numerology. Photo by musician, extrodinaire Joe Silva BELOVED GOD - GODDESS, CELEBRATE MAY, with all its joy, passion and beauty. Changes are happening to realign you to have greater ...

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April 2015 Newsletter

Apr 6, 2015 Comments Off

Melanie Griffith, an amazing actress and I after our recent Numerology Session. BELOVED GOD - GODDESS, CELEBRATE APRIL! SHOWER in the April, Passover, Easter and Full Moon in Libra / Lunar Eclipse energy to bring a deep depth of balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. TREASURE your relationships ...

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March 2015 Newsletter

Mar 7, 2015 Comments Off

Dakota Johnson, Star of " 50 Shades of Grey," and I after our recent Numerology Session. BELOVED GOD - GODDESS, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! CELEBRATE MARCH! MARCH = 4 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 8 = 25/7 Destiny Vibration DELVE into the secrets of the ...

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February 2015 Newsletter

Feb 7, 2015 Comments Off

BELOVED GOD/ GODDESS, WELCOME TO THE SWEET BLESSINGS OF FEBRUARY. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I LOVE YOU! IN: FRENCH – Je t’aime ITALIAN – Ti amo GERMAN – Ich liebe dich HAWAIIAN - Aloha au ia ‘oe UKRANIAN – Ya lublu tebe HOPI – Nu’umi unangwa’ta GREEK – Siagapo AFRIKAANS – Ek is lief vir ...

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January 2015 Newsletter

Jan 8, 2015 Comments Off

BELOVED GOD - GODDESS, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! CELEBRATE! SHARE The STELLAR, POWERFUL, ABUNDANT U... GET ready for the ride of your life in 2015! 2014 was a 7 Universal Year as you dealt with truth. You were asked to believe in yourself. You visited Hell and did some soul searching to understand ...

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December 2014 Newsletter

Dec 5, 2014 Comments Off

BELOVED GOD / GODDESS, LOVE DECEMBER! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! CELEBRATE December a 12 / 3 to reflect, process, and take what serves you to progress and transcend as the God-Goddess you are. SUPPORT the public outcry of the waves of Truth of the breakdown of old foundations and their lies, corruption and secrets. The Acts of dehumanizing people, ...

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November 2014 Newsletter

Nov 13, 2014 Comments Off

* BELOVED GOD / GODDESS, CELEBRATE NOVEMBER A MASTER 11 that awakens a deeper relationship with your awesomeness, people and the beyond. PEACE, kindness, patience and heightening of your intuition are being downloaded even more into your heart and mind. This makes you more creative, sensitive, empathic and psychic. SAY hello to your Angels, guides and the cosmic forces. USE ...

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photo by Anna Patton

October 2014 Newsletter

Oct 12, 2014 Comments Off

BELOVED GOD / GODDESS, CELEBRATE OCTOBER a 10/1! Reflect, Process any blocked energy. Find the resolution. Regenerate and move forward to create and manifest success. AWAKEN your creative genius. Embrace the explosion of tele-communications taking place. Know it's roots and the inventions, work of Nikola Tesla which will be talked about in this enlightening Newsletter. RAISE ...

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September 2014 Newsletter

Sep 4, 2014 Comments Off

BELOVED GOD / GODDESS, IN SEPTEMBER a 9, you'll hear the call from your evolving spirit to " Gaze Into Truth " of your Soul’s Mirror. Here you'll embrace, receive and awaken your inner wisdom and the teachings of Universal Knowledge. USE Alternative modalities, seek holistic practitioners, embrace your family, friends and create a support ...

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August 2014 Newsletter

Aug 11, 2014 Comments Off

BELOVED GOD / GODDESS, BE ready in August 2014 to accept that you are: Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscience, Powerful beyond your imagination. It’s time to move forward in your evolution. Know and own that YOU ARE A GOD / GODDESS! * * * * * * * LOOK AT THE FORM OF THE 8 ...

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