April 2014 Newsletter

Apr 6, 2014 Comments Off

Celebrity Numerologist Julian Michael in NYC Photo taken by Livia Zeimet BELOVED ANGEL, LOVE April a 4 to optimize your physical wellbeing and mental health to open doors to infinite opportunities and possibilities. MEDITATE, Pray to feel centered. Everyday have your conversations with God consciousness. Be 100 % focused, balanced and passionate to construct your awesome ...

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March 2014 Newsletter

Mar 16, 2014 Comments Off

Celebrity Numerologist Julian Michael talking Numbers with Marianne Williamson about her profound, majestic, 32/5 Life Path, revealing her Illuminating relationship with America. Photo taken by William Kollar BELOVED ANGEL, BE Inspired in March a 3 to embrace the philosophies of teacher’s past and present. The whispers of the winds, kiss of the sun and connecting even ...

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February 2014 Newsletter

Feb 9, 2014 Comments Off

BELOVED ANGEL, USE your higher mind and bridge it with your heart to live in your magnificence as it's Mercury Retrograde till February 28. Some of you are getting this Newsletter again yet I've made the proper corrections. As I was doing this, an amazing, surreal experience from beyond happened to me that I will share ...

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January 2014 Newsletter

Jan 11, 2014 Comments Off

HAPPY NEW YOU 2014! BELOVED ANGEL, EMBRACE 2014 a 7 Universal Year: - BELIEVE, have faith, trust in your spirituality, evolving consciousness and ascension process. - "SILENCE is golden." Learn to create and manifest from this very powerful place. - REVELATIONS that will be a turning point in your life and humanity. - MERGE your heart ...

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December 2013 Newsletter

Dec 11, 2013 Comments Off

Photo by Livia Zeimet BELOVED ANGEL, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Welcome to December the 12 month. CELEBRATE all the parties, festivities as you bring your passion, joy and hold the light of awareness. 2013 has been a glorious, adventurous, surreal year full of surprises and hold on as there is more to come this December. THE 2013 / 6 Universal ...

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November 2013 Newsletter

Nov 12, 2013 Comments Off

Photo by William Kollar BELOVED ANGEL, WELCOME to November The Master 11 month. EMBRACE and commune with this Master frequency 11 known as "The Messenger of the God's. Hold the Keys to its many adventures, soar the imagination, be the story teller, connect with psychic energies to empower you and go and make a ...

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Julian quoted in article by Yahoo Shine!

Oct 6, 2013 Comments Off

Forget June. Why Brides Suddenly Want to Get Married on a Tuesday in November By Alexis Clark, Senior Features Editor | Love + Sex – Thu, Oct 3, 2013 12:19 PM EDT Photo by: Getty Images Brides aren't usually clamoring to get married on a Tuesday in November. But with November 12 of this year translating to ...

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October 2013 Newsletter

Oct 6, 2013 Comments Off

Photo by Livia Zeimet BELOVED ANGEL, WELCOME to October the 10th month a higher 1. In September you gazed into your Soul’s Mirror and did work on yourself. Now you’ve graduated. Look back at what you envisioned in the beginning of the year in January 2013. Take those dreams, ideas, visions and see ...

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September 2013 Newsletter

Sep 4, 2013 Comments Off

Photo by Livia Zeimet at "The Saban Theatre" in LA BELOVED ANGEL, WELCOME September the 9th month of completion & graduation. Now take the time to gaze into your "Soul's Mirror." ARE you jazzed about what you see and feel? HAPPY with who you are and the work you do? DO you feel ...

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August 2013 Newsletter

Aug 8, 2013 Comments Off

Photo by Livia Zeimet at "The Four Seasons" in LA BELOVED ANGEL, " I AM POWERFUL - PROSPEROUS - LUMINOUS! SAY this at least 10 times a day. Embrace August an 8 month, known as ‘The Path of Realization.” IN the last days I was so moved by U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning and ...

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